Brilliant Stars BOOSTER BOX (Sword and Shield 9)

Brilliant Stars BOOSTER BOX (Sword and Shield 9)

Brilliant Stars BOOSTER BOX (Sword and Shield 9)

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Pokémon VSTAR evolve from Pokémon V and will play a major role in the Pokémon TCG metagame. Each Pokémon VSTAR has a VSTAR Power — an Ability or attack — with an extremely powerful effect that can decide the outcome of a battle. Players can use only one VSTAR Power per game, and those who use a VSTAR Power must flip over a VSTAR marker during the battle.

In addition to their VSTAR Powers, Pokémon VSTAR have high HP and high-damage attacks, and they give up two Prize cards when Knocked Out.

Trainers can look forward to seeing Arceus VSTAR, Charizard VSTAR, Shaymin VSTAR and Whimsicott VSTAR in Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars. The expansion will also include a special Trainer Gallery subset of 30 cards with artwork featuring fan-favorite Trainers and Pokémon.

Available in booster packs, Elite Trainer Boxes and special collections, Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars will include the following:

20 Pokémon V and 15 full-art Pokémon V
Four new Pokémon VSTAR
Three new Pokémon VMAX
22 Trainer cards and six full-art Supporter cards
One new Special Energy card