Skyfox Games Membership Rewards Program

There are 3 types of Skyfox Games Membership Rewards; Ruby, Sapphire, and Obsidian.

To attain Membership, a customer must have spent over the listed amount in each level and have an active account with the store (an active account has placed an order with us within the last year).
We have more good news! Yes, these Memberships are retroactive and will count all previously made purchases on your account! You can check your account status on the "my account" section of the website.

Each level will start off with these listed perks, and more will be added as the program grows.

All of our wonderful members will have access to an exclusive discount code for their respective level. You can use this code during checkout to earn 1%, 3%, or 5% off your entire order*, each time you make a purchase with us.
*This discount does not apply to any pre-order items on your order.

Ruby Members use: RUBYMEMBERS1
Sapphire Members use: SAPPHIREMEMBERS3
Obsidian Members use: OBSIDIANMEMBERS5

For Sapphire and Obsidian Members, you will receive e-mail notifications with information regarding when your specific flash sales and discount codes will be active.

If you have any questions regarding the new membership rewards, please reach out to us at

*These membership benefits are a privilege granted by Skyfox Games and can be revoked/changed at any time for any reason.
*Customers are responsible for using these codes in store and online.
*Codes can not be used retroactively on past orders.
*Refunds/store credit will not be applied to customers' accounts for orders not utilizing these discounts.