Where can I find the Buylist?
The Buylist is on our navigation menu on the home page!

How do I sell my cards to Skyfox Games?
Selling your cards has never been easier! This FAQ has all the answers you'll need regarding our buylist and selling cards.

Selling to Us
All trades MUST be submitted through our website's Buy List. Add cards you wish to sell to your buylist cart by first choosing the game, then entering the appropriate quantity and clicking the blue 'Add' button next to the quantity. Your cart can be submitted using the "submit buylist" option on screen below your selected cards.

Submitting a Request 
Prior to submitting your trade request, please make sure your cards are organized in the order shown in your cart.

Please then mail-in your cards you've submitted through the buylist, or bring them in to our store!

For mail-in trades your list must be approved before you mail the cards. You should receive an approval email within 48 hours.

For in-store trades, please visit us at 86 William Street East Oshawa, Ontario L1G1K6, Canada.

How to ship singles?

  1. Sort singles in the EXACT order they appear on the invoice.
  2. Remove cards from any sleeves, binders, or other packaging.
  3. We encourage you to obtain a tracking number and insurance for your shipment. Skyfox Games will not be held responsible for any cards lost or damaged in transit.
  4. Orders must be postmarked within 3 days of approval and addressed to:
    Skyfox Games, Attn: Acquisitions
    86 William Street East Oshawa, Ontario L1G1K6, Canada.

Receiving your Payment

  1. Once your order is received we will verify its contents and your cards will then be checked for quality within the next one to five business days.
  2. You may choose to receive your payment as E-transfer, Store Credit or Cash.
  3. E-transfer payments are typically issued within 24 hours of the order being finalized.
  4. Store Credit payments are added to your account and typically issued within 24 hours of the order being finalized.
  5. Cash payments are only processed in-store only and an appointment must be made.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will you buy my entire collection?
    If your collection is over 500 cards, please contact us at with the details of the collection. Include details about the size, condition, sets included, and any rare/unusual cards. If your collection is below the above requirements, please use our online Buy List function.
  2. What if my cards aren't in Near Mint condition?
    Cards are graded by our staff when they are received and you will be notified of any price adjustments due to condition before your payment is processed.
  3. What if my cards are lost or damaged in the mail?
    We strongly recommend that you send your items with tracking and/or insurance. We are not responsible for packages lost or damaged by shipping services.
  4. How long does it take a trade list to get approved?
    You should be contacted within 48 hours of submitting your trade list.
  5. How long do I have to ship my cards after approval?
    We require all Buy List submitted items to be mailed within 3 days of our approval. Buy List prices are subject to change if your items are not shipped within the 3 day cut-off.
  6. Do you buy non-English language cards?
    No. We are not interested in purchasing foreign language cards at this time.
  7. How do I get back rejected items from my buy cart?
    We can return rejected items at the expenses of the shipping costs. Any items not requested to be returned within 1 week of the date we processed your buy cart will be discarded.
  8. I still have questions. 
    No problem, send your question to or call us at 905-720-3377 and we’ll get you an answer as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to refuse any submitted Buy Lists or individual items in any Buy List submission for any reason.


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