Read Before Submission

By submitting your cards you agree to our buylist terms & conditions.

Keep your cards in the order that you submitted them on the buylist.
This is an important step as this reduces the time for your buylist to be processed. Faster processing = faster cash/credit!

Take them out of sleeves and binder pages!
If your entire buylist is in sleeves, or is improperly submitted, you may be subjected to a processing fee.

Please wait for your buylist approval email before dropping off your cards.
This is essential for your buylist to be processed on time. This will also show you how we've adjusted your buylist before you submit it.

We reserve the right to refuse/reduce and/or limit any cards for any reason.

If you are mailing in your buylist, please call us to notify us, then ship to:

Skyfox Games, Attn: Acquisitions
86 William Street East Oshawa, Ontario L1G1K6, Canada

Once we have evaluated your cards we will contact you before we finalize the purchase if there are any major changes. Major changes are considered anything higher than a 5% value change on higher valued trades.

Phone: 905-720-3377
Additional information can be found in our buylist FAQ.

E-transfer payments may take 1-4 business days to fulfill.

If you would like to trade bulk. Please do not submit it through the buy list. Below we have listed the bulk pricing for the various games we accept it for. If the card you want to submit falls into the price category below it's considered bulk. For any bulk trades please contact us with an idea of how many cards you're bringing into us.

Bulk Pricing Per Game:


Commons/Rares $0.01 Cash $0.02 Trade
Supers/Ultras/Secrets $0.05 Cash $0.10 Trade


Common Cards $0.01 Cash & Trade
Rare Cards $0.02 Cash $0.05 Trade
Holo Rare Cards $0.05 Cash $0.10 Trade

GX Cards $1.00 Cash $1.50 Trade
Full Art GX Cards $2.00 Cash $3.00 Trade
V/VMAX Cards $2.00 Cash $2.50 Trade
Full Art V Cards $3.00 Cash $4.00 Trade

Magic The Gathering

Rares $0.05 Cash $0.10 Trade
Mythics $0.10 Cash $0.25 Trade

Any sleeves/Deck boxes/accessories/rejected cards left for more than a week will be considered abandoned and discarded.


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