Double Outer Matte Dragon Shield (JAPANESE)

Double Outer Matte Dragon Shield (JAPANESE)

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Clear front and clear matte back. Clean and simple.

Double Your DEF with Dragon Shield Outer Sleeves for double-sleeving!
Dragon Shield Outer Sleeves Matte provides an extra layer of protection for your sleeved cards and fits perfectly over all Dragon Shield Japanese Size Sleeves. Japanese size sleeves are made in a smaller size typical in Japanese card games also referred to as mini cards.

Prevent lower quality art sleeves from peeling and splitting by putting a Dragon Shield Outer Sleeve over your sleeved cards and get the well-known Dragon Shield shuffle-feel at the same time.
Play with original game-specific art sleeves or high-value prize sleeves without risking damage to them.
Outer Sleeves can also be used for triple-sleeving for even tougher protection. Use Dragon Shield Perfect Fit as the Inner Sleeve.