Yu-Gi-Oh! Master of Pendulum Structure Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master of Pendulum Structure Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master of Pendulum Structure Deck

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Master of Pendulum Structure Deck

Deck List:
SDMP-EN001     Dragonpulse Magician     Common     Normal Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN002     Dragonpit Magician     Common     Normal Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN003     Nobledragon Magician     Super Rare     Effect Pendulum Tuner monster
SDMP-EN004     Oafdragon Magician‎     Super Rare     Effect Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN005     Wisdom-Eye Magician     Super Rare     Effect Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN006     Performapal Skullcrobat Joker     Common     Effect Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN007     Stargazer Magician     Common     Effect Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN008     Timegazer Magician     Common     Effect Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN009     Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon     Common     Effect Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN010     Performapal Silver Claw     Common     Effect Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN011     Performapal Salutiger     Common     Effect Monster
SDMP-EN012     Performapal Trump Witch     Common     Effect Pendulum Monster
SDMP-EN013     Metaphys Armed Dragon‎     Common     Normal Monster
SDMP-EN014     Chaos Hunter     Common     Effect Monster
SDMP-EN015     Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast     Common     Effect Monster
SDMP-EN016     Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress     Common     Effect Monster
SDMP-EN017     Fencing Fire Ferret     Common     Effect Monster
SDMP-EN018     Inari Fire     Common     Effect Monster
SDMP-EN019     Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness     Common     Effect Monster
SDMP-EN020     Jigabyte     Common     Effect Monster
SDMP-EN021     Goblindbergh     Common     Effect Monster
SDMP-EN022     X-Saber Airbellum     Common     Effect Tuner monster
SDMP-EN023     Magna Drago     Common     Effect Tuner monster
SDMP-EN024     Re-Cover     Common     Effect Tuner monster
SDMP-EN025     Sky Iris     Common     Field Spell Card
SDMP-EN026     Pendulum Call     Common     Normal Spell Card
SDMP-EN027     Pendulum Shift     Common     Quick-Play Spell Card
SDMP-EN028     Pendulum Rising     Common     Normal Spell Card
SDMP-EN029     Sacred Sword of Seven Stars     Common     Normal Spell Card
SDMP-EN030     Summoner's Art     Common     Normal Spell Card
SDMP-EN031     Mystical Space Typhoon     Common     Quick-Play Spell Card
SDMP-EN032     Scapegoat     Common     Quick-Play Spell Card
SDMP-EN033     Forbidden Dress     Common     Quick-Play Spell Card
SDMP-EN034     Polymerization     Common     Normal Spell Card
SDMP-EN035     Terraforming     Common     Normal Spell Card
SDMP-EN036     Pendulum Back     Common     Normal Trap Card
SDMP-EN037     Powerful Rebirth     Common     Continuous Trap Card
SDMP-EN038     Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare     Common     Normal Trap Card
SDMP-EN039     Torrential Tribute     Common     Normal Trap Card
SDMP-EN040     Eradicator Epidemic Virus     Common     Normal Trap Card
SDMP-EN041     Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon     Ultra Rare     Effect Synchro Monster
SDMP-EN042     Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon     Ultra Rare     Effect Xyz Monster
SDMP-EN043     Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon     Common     Effect Fusion Monster