KILL la KILL Good Smile Company Ryuko Matoi: Senketsu Kisaragi Ver.

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    From the anime series ‘KILL la KILL’ comes a scale figure of Ryuko Matoi wearing Senketsu in her final form after absorbing the strength of all the Goku Uniforms to become ‘Senketsu Kisaragi’! The pose comes from episode 24 of the anime series, ‘Past the Infinite Darkness’, where Ryuko fought against Ragyo Kiryuin in outer space.

    The pose and design captures Ryuko’s feminine beauty, but also shows off her strong will and determination though her powerful, confident gaze. The base will made in the image of outer space to help bring out the atmosphere of the final battle, and the figure itself can be enjoyed from any angle you choose to view her from. Be sure to add her to your collection!

    - $189.99

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