Hidden Arsenal 4 Trishula’s Triumph Booster

Hidden Arsenal 4 Trishula’s Triumph Booster

Hidden Arsenal 4 Trishula’s Triumph Booster

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First there was Brionac.
Next came Dewloren.
Then Gungnir joined the battle.

Now Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula’s Triumph ups the all-foil-ante in a big way, with the strongest Ice Barrier monster ever: Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier!

Trishula will rise up from the glaciers to do battle for YOU! Summon Trishula, and you can permanently eradicate three of your opponent’s cards: one from their hand, one on the field, and one in the Graveyard! At the same time. For free! Best of all, Trishula works well in ANY Deck.

This 60 card all-monster, all-foil booster set also contains stellar new Dragunity, Jurrac, Genex, Fabled, Naturia, and Flamvell monsters. Here’s a quick preview of what’s in stores for you!

New “The Fabled…” monsters give a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG spin on some classic storybook characters! Can you figure out which legends inspired new monsters like The Fabled Catsith, The Fabled Kokkator, and The Fabled Peggulsus?

Being cute and cuddly doesn’t mean The Fabled monsters aren’t dangerous! Discard the three-headed The Fabled Cerberrul to Special Summon The Fabled Nozoochee. Then Summon Cerberrul back and use them both to Synchro Summon The Fabled Unicore, a monster that can negate every one of your opponent’s card effects!

Dragunity Knight - Barcha is a true master of arms. Many Dragunity monsters can transform one of their comrades into a living weapon. But when Barcha is Summoned, he grabs as many monsters as he can from your Graveyard, and equips them all at once!

Naturia Beast (from Hidden Arsenal 2) negates Spells. Naturia Barkion (from Hidden Arsenal 3) negates Traps. And now the new Fusion Monster Naturia Exterio negates both! (But wait, what about Effect Monsters? Leave them to Naturia Landoise, another new Synchro Monster that can negate the effects of monsters!)

Get ready for a shocking secret! The Jurrac Dinosaurs weren’t wiped out by meteors… they BECAME meteors! Jurrac Meteor is a Dino-tastic Synchro Monster that can destroy every single card on the field, then bring back a tough Jurrac Tuner like Jurrac Dino from your Graveyard to continue your assault!

Last but not least, Trishula isn’t the only new Ice Barrier monster in this set. There are plenty of Ice Barrier monsters, including 2 new Ice Barrier Generals: General Raiho of the Ice Barrier and General Gantala of the Ice Barrier.

    5 foil cards per pack: 1 Secret Rare and 4 Super Rares.
    Contains 1 new Fusion Monster, 10 new Synchro Monsters, and 49 new Effect Monsters!

    Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula’s Triumph contains 60 cards:

    20 Secret Rare Cards
    40 Super Rare Cards