Future Card Buddyfight V2 Dimension Destroyer booster box

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    Many monsters from the animation are included in this booster!!!
    Succeeding BT01 ― "Gargantua Awakened", cards from Dragon, Ancient and Star Dragon World are MAJORLY included in this booster pack!
    And this time round, cards from Katana World are added too! It's time to evolve your decks!
    Cards related to the mysterious Special Series Vol. 1 are included too...?

    Popular SECRET Packs!
    3 patterns in total!
    One SECRET pack guaranteed per box!
    First Print Box-Toppers!

    Each box includes one character illustration Flag card! Total of 8 types!
    Limited only to the first print edition!

    Primary World & Card Types
    Primary Worlds: Dragon, Katana, Star Dragon, Ancient
    BR: 3 / SP: 4 / AR: 2 / SECRET: 15 / RRR: 8 / RR: 12 / R: 12 / U: 16 / C: 20
    (No reissued cards in this set!)

    Product Specifications
    1 carton (16 display boxes x 30 packs)
    5 cards in 1 pack
    Every pack guaranteed one R or above rarity card!
    Every box guaranteed one SECRET pack & one of each AR!!!!
    Parallel foils of commons, uncommons and rares are randomly inserted.

    - $89.99

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