Future Card Buddyfight Solar Strife booster box

Future Card Buddyfight Solar Strife booster box

Future Card Buddyfight Solar Strife booster box

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Every Box A Winner!

Every Solar Strife Box is guaranteed to contain a BR, SP, RRR, or a Bonus Secret Pack!!!

There's no better time than now to get a box for yourself!

All SECRET cards comes in RRR treatment this time as well! 


Adjusted Card Ratio!

Solar Strife contains a high number of high rarity cards. This means more of your cards will come in the popular BR, SP, and RRR treatment.

As such we have adjusted the distribution of cards to accommodate this!

You really don't want to miss out on Solar Strife.

Cards from X-SP01, X2-SS01 & X2-SP!

Solar Strife contains cards from X-SP01, X2-SS01 and X2-SP!!!

All these are formidable new cards to upgrade your Sun Dragon, Dragon Zwei, and Disaster decks!

Popular cards will also come in spectacular new illustrations!

Its a Must-have for Buddyfighters and collectors!!!

The Primary Worlds of this set are: Dragon, Danger, Magic, Katana, Dungeon, Legend, Hero, Star Dragon, Darkness Dragon, Dragon Zwei!


Every pack definitely has one R or above rarity card!

Guaranteed one SECRET pack & one BR / SP / RRR / bonus SECRET pack!!!

Parallel foil versions of commons, uncommons, and rares are randomly inserted.