Future Card Buddyfight Driven to Disorder X Climax booster box

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    Climax arrives in X!

    As the climax booster from last season was fervently received by everyone, it is here again this season!!
    This set will be jam-packed with powerful cards from the climax of the animation series! !Can you stand the heat?


    Ratio Adjustment
    As there are a higher number of types in this booster pack, we have adjusted the distribution of cards to accommodate this. SECRET packs are guaranteed in each box, but... there are boxes with TWO SECRET packs!?!? Who will be the lucky ones!?


    Full RRR-treatment SECRET packs!!!
    YES! You read that right. SECRET packs have normally been three cards with RRR-treatment and two with R-treatment. However, this time, ALL FIVE CARDS in SECRET packs come in RRR-treatment!!!

    - $89.99

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