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    About This Sixth Scale Figure Related Product

    Found on the desert planet Tatooine, dewbacks are large lizards used by the locals as mounts and beasts of burden. These flat-toothed creatures can be found hauling goods for merchants or moisture farmers, pulling Podracer parts to starting grids, or serving stormtrooper patrols assigned to the planet's Imperial garrison. A dewback is able to withstand the heat and dust that often leads to mechanical breakdown in modern high-tech conveyances.

    Product Details


    License: Star Wars
    Manufacturer: Slideshow Collectibles
    Product Size
    16" H (406.4mm) x 11" W (279.4mm) x 30" L (762mm)*
    Box Size
    18.00" H (457.2mm) x 13.00" W (330.2mm) x 32.00" L (812.8mm)*
    Product Weight
    27.00 lbs (12.25 kg)*
    Est. Shipping Weight
    28.00 lbs (12.7 kg)*
    Dimensional Weight
    40 lbs*
    Int'l Dim. Weight
    55 lbs*

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