4e D&D Minis: Monster Manual - Savage Encounters

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    The Monster Manual®: Savage Encounters expansion for the Dungeons & Dragons® Roleplaying Game features prepainted plastic miniatures of iconic monsters from the Monster Manual core rulebook and other D&D® game supplements. This 40-figure set includes monsters of various levels and roles, and each booster pack allows Dungeon Masters run a ready-to-play D&D encounter right out of the box!

    Each Monster Manual®: Savage Encounters Booster Pack contains:
    •  1 visible, fully painted, durable plastic monster miniature
    •  4 randomized, fully painted, durable plastic monster miniatures
    •  Full color D&D  Dungeon Delve  stat cards


    Skeletal Cyclops - $49.99
    Savage Minotaur - $49.99
    Rockfire Dreadnought - $49.99
    Zombie Hulk - $49.99

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