Fat Pack - Saviors of Kamigawa

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    Saviors of Kamigawa player's guide - Includes a complete full-color Saviors of Kamigawa card encyclopedia plus behind-the-scenes info about the latest strategies and the coolest cards.
    6 Booster Packs - Punish the guilty with "ancestor" Spirits, channel magic, and celestial Kirin.
    Saviors of Kamigawa novel - Read the novel and learn how Umezawa and Michiko undo the damage that Koda's crime has inflicted on their world.
    Premium Cards - Includes a Champions or Kamigawa premium basic land card and a random Saviors of Kamigawa premium common card.
    Saviors of Kamigawa Spindown life counter - Only in the fat pack. This counter comes in one of five random colors and has the Saviors of Kamigawa expansion symbol in place of the 20.

    Dimensions:     11.5" H x 7.75" W x 3" D

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