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Magic: The Gathering

This is an in-store event. Players will be playing in a sealed prerelease format.

Below are our guidelines for the gaming room until further notice.

*Maximum 12 players at a time.
*Hand Sanitizer will be available at each table (please use responsibly)
*NO food or drinks will be allowed at the tables. If you need to take a drink, we ask that you step away from the table and do so at a safe distance from the other players.
*NO bags or backpacks allowed in-store. The only exception is small carrying bags, fanny packs, or game cases with your essentials deck box, dice, and playmat.
*NO trading with other players in store.
*Registration can be done online or in-store. However, the deadline to sign-up for events is 30 minutes before the starting time. (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
*Players will be expected to respect the time and space of other players in the playroom. If your event is over, we ask that you DO NOT start new games/matches and remain seated until your next round/match pairings are posted.
*Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have been recently sick. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness will be asked to leave immediately.

All these rules and restrictions have been put in place to help protect your health and safety.*If you're unable to follow these guidelines you will not be able to attend future events.

Each player will receive 2 bonus packs for playing in the event.


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