Card Conditions Guide

Near Mint

Near Mint cards will have some imperfections and show minimal wear but it will be minor, and few in number. These cards can range from 'Mint' to Excellent. Overall these are in excellent or better condition and ideal for a player who wants cards in excellent shape for their decks that are tournament legal.

These cards may not be ideal for the "Mint" card collector.

  • A few nicks or dings
  • Light minor edge wear
  • Light corner wear
  • Minor scratch or scuff
  • Other minor imperfection

Moderately Played


Moderately Played items are on a much larger spectrum in terms of flaws, the condition may be worse, but these cards should still be tournament playable in sleeves. While most of these items wouldn't be recommended for collectors, they are great for people who are looking for a substantially cheaper option for a playable card.

  • Heavy edge wear and corner deformation
  • Nicks or dings
  • Substantial warping
  • Moderate scuffing
  • Considerable scratches
  • Heavy impressions
  • "Clouding"

Damaged and Unacceptable Items

We do not buy some items that have too much wear or more severe flaws. This includes but is not limited to the examples below:

  • Creases
  • Excessive edge wear
  • Excessive corner wear
  • Severe Scratches
  • Any water damage
  • Any writing, ink, or other markings
  • Peeling or splitting
  • Cuts or tears
  • Misprints, miscuts, and crimps



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